Relocation Services

We meant what we said about extending a hand to you.

To keep our promise, we've provided a step by step process of how our service works in order to meet all of your relocation needs.

  1. Talk with a professional relocation counselor

    A professional relocation counselor will get the details of your move and learn your priorities and preferences regarding housing.

  2. Work with a carefully selected Meybohm Agent

    Your professional relocation counselor, with your priorities and preferences in mind, will put together an information packet that includes resources to acquaint you with your new area. Your counselor will carefully select a Meybohm Agent who will provide you with information on current homes for sale.

  3. Tour the area with your Meybohm Agent

    After you receive your information packet and are ready to start looking for a home, your Meybohm Agent will make an appointment with you to first tour the area. Once you decide which area is most appropriate for your housing and lifestyle requirements, your Agent will initiate an appointment to view homes for sale.

  4. We'll keep in touch

    Your Meybohm relocation counselor will keep in touch with you to make sure that you are satisfied with our service. If you have any problems, your relocation counselor will do everything possible to correct them. More than anything, we want your relocation to continue to be an easy and stress-free experience.

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U.S. Military on the Move

U.S. Military On The Move®

Augusta is home to Fort Gordon Military Base, which was designated as the U.S. Army Cyber Command headquarters in 2013. As a result of this expansion, our agents stay current on changes that are taking place at Fort Gordon and work closely with military retirees as well as active duty personnel who PCS into our area and abroad.
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